The FinTech Registry

The FinTech Registry is a secure cloud-based portal that provides Compliance as a Service (CaaS) solution to FinTech firms and serves as a marketplace for banks to engage with them.

The Future of Banking is Digitalization

FinTechs are leading the charge on innovation

  • FinTechs acquired $135.7 billion globally in investments in 2019
  • Digital payments expected to reach value of $4.8 trillion in 2020

FI/FinTech partnerships are crucial to the future of Banking

  • FIs need and value FinTechs for their speed and innovative abilities
  • FinTechs get access to resources, customers and products via banking as a service offered by FIs

The Problem For FinTechs

Regulatory Preparedness

  • FinTechs need to be aware of regulatory expectations and compliance obligations

Vendor Due Diligence (VDD)

  • FIs’ stringent VDD policies limit possibilities to engage or partner with innovative FinTechs

The Solution

The FinTech Registry

  • Is a central hub for FinTechs’ to assess compliance with, and have visibility into, their regulatory obligations
  • Presents a control-based framework that defines, interprets and provides suggestive evidence for each requirement
  • Supports vendor due diligence: completed once, shared with many

The FinTech Registry starts with two simple steps:


Provide relevant profile information

Our short yet comprehensive assessment allows us to better understand your business and to calibrate the solution to your compliance needs 


Obtain quick feedback on your current status

The profile information will be carefully examined by our team, and we will respond with a calibrated plan tailored for your needs